Waterford, Michigan

World Championship

July 21-22, 2012

J and Fae Report


Region Six was proud to host another major event this weekend as the UIM. World Championship came to Waterford, Michigan. Dale Hampshire pulled off another beauty with help from the Oakland Community Club and the Marine Prop Riders. A stellar field rolled into town to do battle for this prestigious title. Lots of hot competition along with music and car shows entertained a good crowd on the shoreline. This venue is blessed with generally smooth water and a potential record setting track. Therefore, you get some extra top notch equipment in town. The racing was spectacular although attrition was fairly high in the mod classes. The Worlds were Saturday with a backyard regatta on Sunday and both days had some exciting action. All in all this was a fine event.


Here's the J and Fae boat totals: (Y-10) (S-11) (A-8) (E-9) (SE-4) (NM-7) (GNH-8) (GP-4) (Vintage-14) total-75


Y boats presented a deep, ultra fast field. Make no mistake about it; this class has had a major boost in speed and quality since going to the jet ski engine. Also, if you want to try a 2 stroker Jim Sechler will help out like he has done for teams everywhere. The lake was full of Y bombs this weekend. Everybody was flying. Now, the World Championship final shaped up as a true war. Dan Kanfoush (Y-1) was the favorite but several angry bees had other ideas. Jeff Bernard (Y-5) Ftx Motorsports.com carried the West banner while Sean Bowsher (Y-52) Roostertails Racing, Joe Sovie (Y-44) Accelerant and many others stood for the East. During the score up  Dan (Y-1) crossed the one minute marker too soon and had to curly cue around it and swing to the outside as the rule states. Well, after almost stalling Dan looked up and everybody was gone. Jeff (Y-5) and Sean (Y-52) nailed the start and battled it out for a while with Joe (Y-44) closing. Meanwhile, Dan was driving angry, picking off boat after boat. Off the last corner Jeff (Y-5) took the title as Dan (Y-1) slid past Sean (Y-52) for second. Wow, that did not take long. Sunday's podium was Dan (Y-1), Sean (Y-52) and Joe (Y-44).

     A boats had eight boats but A stood for attrition. By the time the final ended Tom Thompson (A-52) Fat Chance 2 took an easy win over Tom Bergman (A-8) Insanity. Uh oh, Tommy (A-52) jumped the start handing the title to Tom (A-8) in Mike Cashin's boat. It's good to see Mike get a win since he is a long time Region Six icon. Remember Cashin's Crew? A shoutout as well to Bobby Kennedy in Greg Isaac's (A-47) Blitzkreig as that boat was flyin until the rubber band broke. Sunday's final podium was Tommy (A-52), Alexis Weber (A-7) Fat Chance Again and Tom (A-8). Another shoutout to long time race sponsor Royce Richards and his crew for the boat racers tent and hospitality.


Vintage boats are always a big feature at this Regatta. The "proprietors of the past" take such pride in their hulls. Dick Delsener's (Y-6) Southpaw is as immaculate today as it was when he was dominating Region Six a few years ago. Here was the fleet: (CE-52) White Lightning, (T-2) Lil Hilwinds, (T-59) Scraps, (JS-78) Flyin High, (JS-77) Zippy Pickle, (Y-6) Southpaw, Ken Warby's Fury, (F-222) Opechee, (F-169) Arcadian, (F-726) Flying Tiger, (E-280) Catapult, (F-100) Miss Bonnie, (S-149) Ike, and (E-9).


SE boats are a development class to reignite flat bottoms. Charlie Hammel (SE-81) Hot Canary dominated the field to become World Champion. Rob Kauffman (SE-69) Can't Wait and Pete Hackett (SE-66) Heckyl and Jekyl completed the honors. Sunday's final was Charlie (SE-81) followed by Pete (SE-66).


GP boats had four big bad bombers ready to shake the earth and shake it they did. Blistering speed and that wonderful noise. Jerry Hopp (GP-15) Happy Go Lucky had a wild oddyssey to Waterford as chronicled on the internet. Jerry is a good sport to try to help us have a field. Hootie Wolfe's (GP-93) with Mike Monahan driving also skipped St. Felician to give us a race and those two put on a show. Mike (GP-93) took the World Championship by a whisker over the venerable Mr. Hopp (GP-15). Great show guys.


E boats had a quality field ready to badger each other like only fives can do. Favorites included Bobby Kennedy (E-30) Pennzoil Big Bird, Jeff Bernard (E-1)

Peters and May, Todd Liddycoat (E-97) Team Extreme and Tommy Thompson (E-75) Investigator. That's four fine shoes and the rest of the field was solid as well. Come the final, Bobby (E-30) got past the one minute marker and Jeff (E-1) jumped the gun rendering their spine tingling duel for naught. Todd (E-97) ran fast and legal to the title ahead of Tom (E-75) and Joe Sovie (E-61) Rajun Cajun. That's the fives, you must push the envelope to the edge. Sunday's podium was Todd (E-97), Jeff Sankuer (E-17) Modern Drummer and Joe (E-61).


S boats had a field you could throw a blanket over. Favorites were Doug Martin (S-33) Keen's Sunday Money, Jeff Bernard (S-12) Liquid Lizard, Bobby Kennedy

(S-88) Playin Again, Howie Schnabolk (S-80) On The Edge and Mike Monahan (S-9) Rewinder. The field rammed into a cauldron in turn one. Jeff (S-12) took a slight lead with Mike (S-9) shadowing him. Third place was a three way tie. As the heat progressed Jeff (S-12) got away to a heart pounding win for the Lizard followed by Mike (S-9) and Doug (S-33). The top five finished bing bing bing in a great battle. Sunday's honors went to Bobby (S-88), Doug (S-33) and Mike(S-9).


NM boats had probably their biggest field of 2012. Three major players were in the pits. Tom Thompson (NM-81) Country Boy, Scott Blackwell (NM-93) Desperado, and Charlie Miller (NM-200) Mr Jr's Lauterbach Special are mercurial. Charlie has a knack for driving the 200 that is reminiscent of Larry Lauterbach. That boat is hard to handle, it is so quick and turns on a dime. The final saw Charlie (NM-200) nail the start and roar away looking like 3x speed on your camera. Tom (NM-81) and Scott (NM-93) gave a valiant chase but it was goodbye gang. Incredible acceleration by all. Sunday's honors went to Tom (NM-81), Charlie (NM-200) and Paul Brockson (NM-370) Sonic Speed.


GNH boats had a strong Region Six contingent plus Jim Martin (GNH-43 and George Conover (GNH-18) Magnum invading from the East. But wait for it, play the Jaws Movie theme, da dum, da dum, da dum that big white monster was in the pits. Super Cal brought out his (GNH-41) Daulton Industries hull. Come the final and Jim Martin (GNH-43) was blistering the track with Super Cal Phipps (GNH-41) on his hip. But alas, Cal just wears ya down with speed off the corner, like always. Two great boats put on a show with Super Cal (GNH-41) nipping Jim (GNH-43). Oh by the way Dave "the silver tongued announcer" Archiable (GNH-777) Cajun Queen was flying too as he ran third even with pieces flying off the boat. Way to go Dave! The whole field was maniacal. Sunday's honors went to Jim (GNH-43) and John Grigg (GNH-52) Wannabe.


Well, that's the story from Waterford. Every year this well organized event draws a quality field and puts on a great show. 2012 was no exception. Many of the best hydros from across the country battled it out for the coveted World Championships. Congratulations to all the champions. Finally, we hydro fanatics think of ourselves as a family and if one hurts we all hurt. That's why it is awesome that this event helps out the children each year to have a dream come true. That's generosity gang, which reminds us of one of the most generous Region Six icons that we lost recently, Joe Tate. How many Regattas did he help out in recent years, about everyone. Thus we say race in peace Joe, we miss ya.     See ya in Hampton.   J and Fae