Walled Lake

June 9-10, 2012

J and Fae Report


Hydro racing, Region Six style, is up and running for 2012. A small but quality field of racers convened on this idyllic site for a weekend of speed and fun. The small beach in front of John Senna's restaurant was alive with people enjoying the action and the warbles of announcer extraordinaire Dick Delsener. The Walled Lake Race Committee led by Todd McQuade, Jim and Jewel Sechler and Diver Andy put on a fine "backyard regatta" each June. Race Directors Mark and Lori Weber and Referee Mike Weber made sure everything was first class. Several top notch teams were on hand and the racing was very entertaining.


Here is the J and Fae boat totals: (Y-8) (S-5) (A-5) (E-5) (NM-4) (GNH-5) (GP-2) (Vintage-5) (superlight ducks-7) total-46


Y boats roll call: (Y-52) Roostertail Racing, (Y-1) Fast Eddie, (Y-16) Liquid Fun, (Y-76) Liquid Fun 2, (Y-4) Nauti Buoy, (Y-2) Ritz Racing, (Y-20) Windshear, (Y-131) Circus Circus. Y boats were the usual Dan Kanfoush (Y-1) and Sean Bowsher (Y-52) show this weekend as they flew around the course at supersonic speed. Sean (Y-52) tried every move he's got but Jim Sechler's yaller monster remains a tick better. The fans went wild as these two bombs sponson walked down the front stretch in a virtual tie most of the time. Dan (Y-1) and Sean (Y-52) took the top two spots. Now, as dominant as these two hulls were, let's not forget Marty Hammersmith (Y-4). Marty has learned many valuable lessens in the past few years and now with Dave Archiable's old boat and a two stroke engine he is flyin, taking two strong thirds. Hard luck award went to the Maurerís this weekend as Jeff (Y-76) barrel rolled and Kathleen (Y-16) sustained a thrown rod and poked a hole in the bottom. All in all the Y's were cool.


S boats roll call: (S-67) Impossible Dream, (S-33) Keen's Sunday Money, (S-20) Desperate Housewife, (S-41) Second Choice, and (S-38) The Governor. S boats saw Doug Martin (S-33) arrive as the favorite and prove it by showing tremendous speed and looking dominant every heat. We hope to claim Doug (S-33) as a Region Six stalwart with Jim racing the (GNH-8) Deel Me In here. Christina Wilson (S-20) did the crawling starts to the one minute marker and dominated the rest of the guys. Chris Thompson (S-41) and Kevin Kreitzer (S-67) ran solidly as well. But five S boats? What's that all about?


A boats roll call: (A-23) Geezerboat, (A-52) Fat Chance 2, (A-25) Fat Chance, (A-8) Insanity, (A-7) Fat Chance 3.A boats lacked numbers but not speed. Tommy Thompson (A-52) is an absolute blur, the perfect combo of driver and hull. He won it all. Andrew Tate (A-25) and Joe Sovie (A-23) blistered the course as well battling for second place. The Geezerboat got a second Sunday. Andrew (A-25) was right on Tommy's hip on Sunday's final until a puff of wind blew him over. Andrew is ok but the hull is badly bruised. Tom Bergman (A-8) took a solid third with the (A-7) garnering a second and a third. These guys are fast.

NM boats roll call: (NM-93) Desperado, (NM-100) Sum Toy, (NM-23) God And Country, (NM-81) Country Boy. NM boats showed some awesome speed but never got four boats to start for an official race. (Hey APBA, throw out that silly rule. If a guy travels he should get points). Anyway Scott Blackwell (NM-93) took two wins with Tony Black (NM-100) getting a second.


E boats roll call: (E-17) Modern Drummer, (E-61) Ragin Cajun, (E-97) Team Extreme, (E-51) Manos Racing, (E-75) Investigator. E boats had a very even field. You could throw a blanket over all of them for every heat. A highlight was Jeff Sankuer (E-17) taking Saturday's final with an upset over Todd Liddycoat (E-97) and Tom English (E-75). Todd (E-97) and Tom (E-75) had their fair share of time out front winning a heat a piece. Overall everybody scored some points and put on a strong show. However, this field was missing several Region Six competitors. That defies our axiom about Region

Six teams supporting their home events. See all you guys at Waterford.


GNH boats roll call: (GNH-74) Cajun Queen, (GNH-8) Keen's Deel Me In, (GNH-317) Irishman, (GNH-6) Showtime Racing, (GNH-115) One Way.GNH boats succumbed to huge gremlins this weekend but it was cool to see the maiden voyage in the (GNH-8) by Jim Martin. He looked great running out front as this hull is used to doing for the iconic Jim Deel. Patrick Sankuer (GNH-6) ran solidly as well while everybody else showed great speed before blowing up. Don't worry Jim, we will see superb action from this group moving forward.


GP boats put on an impressive exhibition as John Grigg (GP-52) Wannabe and Mario Miraldo (GNH-59) Baby Doll tore up the course. Lots of noise and water flying everywhere. The fans loved it.


Vintage boats roll call: (T-2) Lil Hilwinds, (E-280) Catapult, (F-100) Miss Bonnie, (CE-52) White Lightning, (F-222) Opechee.


Superlight Tunnels (ducks) put on a nice show as well. The fastest appeared to be US-1 operated by Steve and John Huenick. The lineup was numbers 1, 76, 32, 22, 9, 24, 77.

Oh yea, Walled Lake was fun. A relaxing weekend on a beautiful site. Several of the top teams in North America put on some impressive races. Competition was good and the crowd went home happy. Now, this quaint village can fall quiet for twelve months until hydros will invade for Walled Lake Regatta 2013. See ya at Syracuse.    J and Fae