Long Sault, Ontario

June 2-3, 2012

J and Fae Report


Whew! Eight and a half months of eeeery quiet is over babeeee! Engines fired and hydroplane action is finally back. Long Sault, Ontario (about 45 minutes from Valleyfield) was the site as ACHA kicked off the 2012 season. After an off season of political ramblings about boat racing in North America it sure felt good to get back to what we all love, speed and excitement on the water. Now, J and Fae have some strong feelings about the friction between the hydro governments in the U.S and Canada. We will discuss our feelings any time in person rather than on a computer. The bottom line is if a race looks good we are there. ACHA has some strange stances on some issues but no one can dispute that they put on one heck of a show. This weekend was no exception as the race committee battled through drizzly, cool weather to have a very successful event. The competition was fantastic in every class and 2012 is gonna be wild.


Here are the J and Fae boat totals: (T-9) (S-24) (H-17) (GP-12) Total-62

Before we start the summaries here is a disclaimer. Our Canadian sources, due to apparent technical issues, have not posted official results. Therefore, this story will be what we saw and the announcer told us. If we need to make corrections we will add it to the Syracuse story.


     T boats roll call: (CT-11) Timothee Special, (CT-19) Plombiere Valleyfield, (CT-16) Tri-Max, (T-777) Steeler, (T-27) Chaotic Dream, (CT-25) Ms. Anabelle, (CT-313) Hydroid, (C-155) L'il Rang, (CT-15). T boats had a nice field of boats and put on a good show. This class is on shaky ground in some areas (all but extinct in Region Six) so seeing nine vessels was encouraging. Here's hoping this group doesn't become a dinosaur because it is a super training ground for future stars. This weekend Leanna Richards (T-777) ran extremely well making her the favorite in the final. Michael Tremblay (CT-11) had other ideas as he nailed the start roaring through turn one and down the backstretch with the lead. Leanna (T-777) eventually came on after an outside start and took the lead and a cool win. Michael Lebeouf (CT-155) Mini-Rang followed for a strong third. T boats were fun.


     S boats roll call: (CS-00) Bank On It, (CS-6) Graf X, (CS-17) Fast Company, (CS-33) Zibra , (CS-19) Top Gun, (S-80) On The Edge, (S-11) Unfinished Business, (CS-225) l'Oiseau Bleu, (CS-43) Gariepy Leger, (CS-36) Yancy, (CS-9) The Dog, (CS-18) Ocr Gas Bar, (CS-44) Wave Runner, (CS-77) Big Boy Machine, (CS-27) Miss Karoline, (CS-10) Wet Spot, (CS-11) Total Chaos, (S-25) Shameless Say What, (CS-100) Fibre Plus, (CS-79) Bad Influence, (CS-7) Soresto Racing, (CS-28) Willy's Pub, (CS-48) Cannonball, (CS-46) Rv Legend.com. A Top notch field of "stockers" slugged it out through nine eliminations heats and a couple of consys. Several top dawgs sat on the beach come final time. We are talking about boats that could win many races, a true testament to the depth of the field. The final saw eight vessels charge the line. Kent Henderson (CS-00) escaped the first corner chaos and he gone. Kent is a perennial winner and the (00) was flyin. Wild action ensued behind Kent as we saw three and four wide racing throughout. Steve Armstrong (CS-11) Total Chaos finally squirted away to take second ahead of Nicolas Rousse (CS-225). Twenty four boats, manic racing, speed and power, yea that's the "stockers.


H boat roll call: (CH-48) Zero Gravity, (CH-104) Napa Racing, (CH-99) Ocr Racing, (CS-333) Inferno, (CH-16) Cargo Tec 2, (CH-2) Miss Beaurnois, (CH-32)

Octane, (CH-73) L'olympique Bo, (CH-7) Joker, (H-77) Shane Racing, (CH-10) Head Rush, (CH-13) Adrenaline Rush, (CH-15) Cargo Tec, (CH-8) Last Minute

Again, (CH-66) Almost Famous, (CH-79) Super Nova, (CH-?) Out Of Control (hard number to read). H boats are the former five litres with added horsepower. This season the E and H groups are together as one as the five litre guys and gals transition to the H class. This will make a class of about 17-22 vessels carrying a massive power to weight ratio. (360 cubic inch engines in five litre hulls) It will be exciting. We are still a little nervous about safety but so far it has been a great show. One thing is for sure, this class has some impressive teams. And oh by the way, lookout gang long about Valleyfield time as a true icon of our sport joins the fray. Oooh Claude! Now, on to the action which was furious. The eliminations were wars leading to great anticipation for the final. A raging start saw a gigantic wall of h2o in turn one. Marc Lecompte (CH-104) and Stormin Norman Ensbury (CH-99) roared up the backstretch nose to nose and hose to hose. (thanks Cardis) They catapulted into turn two in a wild fracas. Eventually Marc (CH-104) edged ahead until turn one, lap four when the course went silent. Stormin Norman (CH-99) was upside down. Let's hope he didn't get stuck in the capsule like several years ago at Valleyfield. That quote by Norm was priceless. The heat was scored as they ran so the podium consisted of Marc (CH-104) and H boat rookies Marco Poirier (CH-333) and Jonathan Abbott (CH-10). All in all the H class was scary fast.


GP roll call: (GP-10) Charger, (GP-57) Why, (GP-101) ABS, (GP-444) GP Valleyfield, (GP-50) Intensity, (GP-93) Renegade, (GP-59) Baby Doll, (GP-88)

Rolling Thunder, (GP-777) Steeler, (GP-25) Shameless, (GP-104) Dynomytes, (GP12) Long Shot. Twelve big bad bombers parked in the pits- superb drivers- sage crew chiefs and stellar teams. Sounds like a recipe for heavy metal action. Eliminations saw several boats with gremlins on Saturday. Four boats looked great that day. They were Jimmy Shane (GP-10), Brandon or George Kennedy (GP-25), we aren't sure who drove so we will mention both, Marty Wolfe (GP-93) and Marc Theoret (GP-444). Sunday saw Tom Pakradooni (GP-88), Bert Henderson (GP-777), and Patrick Haworth (GP-57) join the fray. The final was going to be a cracker. Eight super crafts warmed up creating a cacophony of sound that shook the landscape. The start saw everybody thunder into turn one. Jimmy (GP-10) had the inside but superior RPMs on the outside trumped him. Marty (GP-93) led up the backstretch into turn two where five boats turned together. Now, Marc (GP-444) took the lead with Brandon/George (GP-25) roaring down the inside and Bert (GP-777) hurtling down the outside in that impressive new hull Jimmy (GP-10) was right there as well but we still don't know what happened to Marty(GP-93). Finally Marc (GP-444) got control to take the title ahead of Brandon/George (GP-25) and Bert (GP-777). The cool down allowed everyone on the shore to get a grip and throw up a giant cheer for all the competitors. Wow! That was a boat race. Congrats Marc, you earned it.

Well, it was time to calm down and hit the old 401. Coming home to America. ACHA opened 2012 here in this cool venue and put on a typical great show. Long Sault is a nice park reminiscent of places like Raleigh, North Carolina. Throw down your chair, open a beverage, and have a blast. Now that's what I'm talkin about. 2012 is on! See ya at Walled Lake.  J and Fae